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verb (instructive)

Go up or upward; Ascend; Climb; Soar

Note on transcription/phonology:
This is the generally accepted spelling nyuka (i.e. with a fully voiced nasal [n̠ʲ]. This transcription however is inconsistent with the pronunciation of the word. The word is pronounced with the slack voiced nasal [n̤ʲ] sound. XHOSA ROOTS provides an alternative spelling using nyh which is the more appropriate transcription of the sound. See nyhuka.

Antonym: ihla

-isa (Causative, Verb form)


verb (causative) | nyuka + isa | /nyukisa/

Cause to go upward or soar; lift; Raise


The word nyukisa is not in common use. It's compressed form nyusa < nyuka + isa is used in its place.


Nyukisa amankcenkce. Raise the metal sheets.

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