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  1. Offer recompense to a father (the family's custodian) for loss that would be suffered by the marriage of his daughter; by which he is deprived her assistance and as such acquires just claim for compensation. 2. Provide a guarantee that his (i.e. the father's) daughter will be treated kindly and offer him comfort that you (the suitor) have the means to provide for her and the (new) family. 3. Lobola is consideration negotiated by the two families and forms the basis from which a relationship (or friendship) is built between the families.

um (Class 1 Noun) aba (Class 2 Noun) uku- (Class 15 Noun) -ani (Directive, Verb form) -ela (Applicative, Verb form) -wa (Passive, Verb form)


noun (class 1) | umloboli

The man who engaged or is engaging (as a suitor) in the process of lobola.


noun (class 2) | aba + lobola + i | abaloboli

Men who engaged or are engaging (as suitors or in the case of one event, paternal uncles of the suitor) in the process of lobola.


Plural of umloboli


noun (class 15) | uku + lobola | ukulobola

To engage (as a suitor and/or his paternal uncles) in the process of lobola.


verb (directive) | lobola + ani | lobolani

[You must] engage in lobola; Get married


Plural of lobola; instruction or request directed at several people


verb (applicative) | lobola + ela | lobolela

To compensate (in lobola) on behalf of a suitor; To engage in lobola at (a place or location); To engage in lobola for (a reason)


verb (passive) | lobola + iwa | lotyolwa

[Of a woman] being married through the process of lobola


Ulotyolwa ngulamfo athandana naye. 'She is being married through lobola (undergoing the process) by that man she's is seeing.'

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